What’s on the go in the ‘house?

1) Waiting to germinate, not a dicky bird yet:

  • Penstemon ‘Husker’
  • Penstemon ‘Digitalis’
  • Geum rivale “Alba”
  • Libertia peregrinans “Gold stripe”
  • Stipa gigantea 
  • Lysimachia ephemerum 
  • Salvia nemerosa “violet queen” 
  • Clematis tangutica 
  • Artemisia absinthium “Lambrook silver” 

Majority of those were sown late July so they are taking their time. 

    2) Germinated and growing on happily:

    • Veronica mixed
    • Dianthus “Brilliancy”
    • Lobelia “Tupa”
    • Aubrieta mixed
    • Oenothera “Apricot delight”
    • Monarda superb mixed
    • Potentilla monarchs velvet 

    3) Germinated and holding on by frosty fingertips:

    • Euphorbia
    • Physalis alkekengi 

      I am seriously considering building a heated bench for the greenhouse. That would have moved things along a bit faster I think.