This is a tedious time of the year for me garden-wise, especially for propagation. I’ve sown what I can sow, I’ve ordered all my seeds for next year (too many, of course), the bulbs are all in the ground, hardwood cuttings all taken and struck, leaves bagged up for next years mold. So, what to do?  I have weeded the gardening book collection, making some room for more I expect (one on the way already..). I have been reading through a few of the surviving books. I have a copy of “Perennial Garden Plants” which I got second hand for pennies. It is an old book now but lists in detail the plants, cultivars and hybrids, noting habit, height, spread etc with some notes on planting and companion plants. The author has highlighted those which are excellent garden plants (interesting foliage, seed heads, flowers, long interest) and those that have fab flowers. I have half a mind to make a list of those that are both good plants and have good flowers and make those the target of the next seed exchange or plant sale. I’ll post that list here at some point. 

I’ve been giving some thought to projects that need doing in January to make ready for the 2017 propagation frenzy. I want to move the potting bench from the greenhouse to the shed, making room for more staging/propagation space and as I’ve said here, I plan a heated bench, possibly two, in the greenhouse. One with cuttings mix in it, one with sand. I have “designed” the benches in my mind and will eventually draw it out and post here for posterity. 

But generally, I’m marking time. 

I’ll be back.