I am lucky to have a 10×8 greenhouse. Strictly speaking it belongs to the current Mrs J, but still. It vies with my shed as the place where I most like to ferret myself away. I have a coffee mug that says “I’d rather be in my greenhouse” – it’s very apt in almost every situation. It has 2 ceiling vents, not currently automatic, although I plan to change that. I should probably add some vents on the sides as well to allow more air circulation. I have a variety of staging in there, plus a potting bench and a gravel wet bed (sounds wrong…). I built them all myself years ago , except the wet bed which I made this year. They are a bit wonky but have served a purpose up to now. I am not using the space efficiently and none of it is heated. I think I can increase the space useable for propagation by 25% or so. Here is a “before” picture. It’s a bit of a mess. Maxing out the propagation area will be the subject of future posts.


Bit of a mess

Below is a plan of the greenhouse as it currently is.  As you can see from the picture above, all the staging is double-decker, with the top level at about table height. A lot of potential staging space is lost to floor space, which does allow a bit more freedom of movement but is not strictly necessary, and frankly a lot of mess and clutter.  I think I can stretch the right hand side main staging to 3 feet wide which would be a 50% increase in usable space for that staging.  It will also be heated, so useable for more of the year, probably another 50% increase in useable time.  AND, I’m going to get some light put in so I’ll be able to garden in the dark, for even more propagation time.  Gardening in 4 dimensions!

Current inefficient layout

Here is what I think I can get it to, with the sacrifice of the bare soil bed in which I have sometimes grown tomatoes (I mostly grow them outside with acceptable results, so no great loss):

New improved layout

I’ll have less wiggle room for me but should be able to get some serious propagation going in this layout.

I’ll be back…