I have begun the changes needed in the greenhouse to achieve peak propagation this year. So far this has involved cutting down the long staging to fit in its new home at the door-end of the greenhouse and trimming down and moving the existing short staging to the other side, next to the existing gravel wet bed, see below. In hindsight I could have achieved the same outcome with less cutting and mucking about if I’d left the short staging where it was and just cut the long staging down to fit a different spot (as per the diagram I drew previously…). Never mind, kept me busy for a couple of hours on my last day off before heading back to work. All this is really about making space for the large heated propagation bed. I have the soil heating cable, I just need the wood. Both my nearby timber reclamation outfits were closed over the Christmas holidays and I don’t want to buy new wood for it, so that’ll have to wait a week or two. Next step will actually be to move the potting bench from the greenhouse to the shed to make a bit more room. I have half an idea of making it bigger but that’s not a high priority – one for next winter perhaps, although if my propagating plans go as intended I may regret not scaling it up now while there’s not much else on.

I’ll be back!