Having dismantled my old potting bench to make room in the greenhouse for the new heated propagation bench, I now have the opportunity to build version 2, in the shed this time.  The shed is a good size so I can go to town a bit and make a deluxe potting bench. I have the wood, I think, so once the prop bench is finished, I can get cracking.  But first, what does a well appointed potting bench need? I’ve searched it up, as #3 child would say. Here is what the interweb has to offer.

A basic one, but good for frame shape and construction guide

Bit more fancy! This one has plenty of storage underneath, and I particularly like the idea of having a bin underneath with a hole in the worktop for easy sweepage. Same basic frame idea.

Loving the shelves up top on this one. Looks like it might have double decker storage underneath which might be a good idea. It also looks quite high which would be good, I found I was stooping over the old one.

This looks like it has zinc sheet tacked onto it. That would make it easy to clean and looks pretty neat too. Wonder how much zinc sheet is. The raised edges are good too, my old one had those, stops the potting mix skidding off the edges.

This looks the business, has a bit of everything.

Concealed bin, plenty of storage. The frame is basically the same on all of them, simple enough to build I think.

Finally, this one is a bit more agricultural, probably a lot more like mine will end up! Still, covers the basics, storage, shelves. Plenty of room for pots and other essential propagation kit.

If I was to buy one of the fancier ones, it would cost me hundreds of pounds. I reckon I can build a large one with the features I want for an outlay of £40 tops.

Is there anything else I should be considering? What do you like best about your potting bench?