Well, I managed to ferret myself away in the shed for a few hours today to work on the new potting bench.This is to replace the one I destroyed (carefully dismantled) to make some room in the greenhouse. I got some ideas via Google so knew the sort of thing I wanted to make.

I made a basic box frame from pallet boards, the long ones from a large pallet I scavenged a few months ago, and screwed that to the legs. I made it so the work surface is higher than the last one as I found I was always looking for something to work on to make it the right height – usually an upside down bucket or plant pot. I made the work surface using wood from the old potting bench, so it has a new lease of life.

From the others I’d seen I liked the idea of a bin underneath that can be accessed from the top. I’ve done this by making a trapdoor from the same wood as the rest of the worktop and hinging it off the leftmost piece. I haven’t yet got around to sourcing a bin, but most likely I’ll just have a cardboard box under there.

There’s a lot of wood in this bench but actually I had almost all of it lying around. I had to buy the two tall rear legs, which are just softwood construction timber, very cheap, and also the three 6 foot planks that form the shelves.  I probably used about £2.50 worth of screws, maximum, and I also used 4 metal brackets that I recently bought for something else, so I’ll include that in the cost, £8 or so if I recall. In total then, my out of pocket expenses were £15-£20, much less than the £40 cap I’d set myself for the job.

Here she is in all her glory.

Building a potting bench
Only its father thinks it’s beautiful…

The bottom shelf was made using old bits of Conti board I’ve had cluttering up the shed for years that were more or less the right size. The top shelves I made by cutting up some old pallet boards in to 4 inch pieces then screwing them into 6 foot planks. The cubby holes in the shelves look a bit wonky, to be honest, like it needs a visit to the orthodontist to straighten out its smile!  I was in a rush, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

A thing of beauty it is not, but it will serve a purpose. Let the potting begin!