This is the kind of joy that only gardeners understand! The long weeks and months of relative inactivity are over!  Today in the post I received the first batch of what will be a properly outrageous quantity of seeds. These are the results of my first foray into the Hardy Plant Society annual seed exchange, which you can read a bit more about here, and on their website.  I ordered 20 packets of specified seeds, signed up for another 25 random sets, plus a total lucky dip of loose seeds. All for a small admin fee that works out at pennies per packet. This batch is the set of 20 (actually 19) that I specified by variety.

Here is the list:

  1. Euonymus alatus
  2. Digitalis parviflora
  3. Ligularia dental a
  4. Aconitum stainless steel
  5. Alstroemeria ligature
  6. Cyclamen libanoticum
  7. Clematis recta purpurea
  8. Clematis wilsonii
  9. Primula japonica
  10. Cytisus Killiney salmon
  11. Lupinus nootkatensis
  12. Lychnis arkwrightii
  13. Astrantia major
  14. Crocosmia lucifer
  15. Rodgersia pinnata
  16. Rodgersia podophylla
  17. Fritillaria meleagris
  18. Lobelia cardinals
  19. Fern polystychum makinol

I shall be posting on sowing and subsequent propagation tales throughout the year. Fingers crossed the rest arrive before the weekend…

Here are a few pics of what I hope they will end up looking like! We shall see.