Siren call…

Resistance is futile! Or so says the Borg. Well, I hope it isn’t futile.  I’m talking about resisting temptation here, rather than assimilation into the Borg. February is almost upon us and after a winter sitting on my hands waiting for the time to pass, those seed packets are calling to me. “Sow me, please sow me, oh puhleeease sow me”. They often say seductively on the packet “sow from February”. For me that normally means on 1st February I’m off to the greenhouse to sow whatever I have that has that siren call on the packet. It’s the starting gun for the gardening season for me. For many Annuals, however, there is very little point doing this – there is not enough light or warmth during the day for them to grow well and nightime temperatures are low and likely frosty. Also, because they often sit in damp compost (no warmth remember) once germinated, they are vulnerable to damping off. Basically, it’s all too much like hard work for the seedling. They will take a loooong time to grow on to garden-ready, flowering size, all the while taking up valuable heated propagating space in the greenhouse and cold frame that would be better used for seeds of hardy plants that are able to cope with the conditions. Annuals don’t really need to be sown till April, even May is not too late. Seeds sown on Feb 1st will flower before those sown on May 1st, but not by much, just 2 or 3 weeks.The later sown ones will grow on twice as fast as the really early ones. That’s such a bold claim, I feel a trial coming on… [UPDATE 11-04-17, see here for the trial i began soon after this post.]

The main question is, can I resist the temptation the sow the buggers on 1st Feb???