As mentioned in a previous post, I am conducting some trials this year. The subject of Trial #1 is seed sowing mix.  I am comparing seeds of the same type using two methods:

Method 1 – seed sown in multi purpose compost and covered with layer of sieved multi purpose compost.

Method 2 – layer of multi purpose compost (2/3 full) topped with layer of vermiculite, seed sown on layer of vermiculite

I have limited myself to three types of seed for this trial. They are:

  1. Aconitum ‘stainless steel’
  2. Digitalis parviflora
  3. Lychnis arkwrightii

I’ve split the seed of each type into 2 halves and sown each half in one of the two methods. I thus have six pots, 2 of each seed variety. Each of the six will be kept in the same place, watered the same way and otherwise identically treated as best I can in my decidedly unlaboratorial conditions.

Trial 1: Seed sowing mix

The hypothesis for this trial is:

Seeds sown in Method 1 grow less well and with lower yield than those sown in Method 2.

Updates to follow.