This morning I have sorted through the tub of veg seeds and organised into when they can be sown.

Veggie array

I have three raised beds available, each 8’x4′. I divided them up into 2′ squares using builders string which has lasted well through a few years of exposure. What could loosely be described as a planting plan is below, in scribble form. The red is veg I’ll sow over the next few months, pencil is veg already in the ground sown in the autumn last year that I’ll have to work around till it’s harvested.

Planting plan

I’ll grow tomatoes, chillies and the herbs in grow bags or containers so they wont take up space.

I’m off to the shed and the new potting bench to sow what can be sown now.

2017 veg season underway

And there they are, getting nice and snug in the heated propagator.

  • Parsnips
  • Chillies, 2 varieties
  • Broad beans, red epicure
  • Sage

And so it begins!

I’ll be back.