Well well. The rest of my seed order from the Hardy Plant Society has arrived. Those of you old enough to remember the 70s TV show may know the tune I am now humming. BONANZA! Big pile of seed packets to deal with.

I shall try to take a more measured approach to sowing this batch, rather than the sowing frenzy of last weekend. The first batch was the specific varieties I ordered so the only element of surprise was that I got exactly what I ordered – there was a chance I might’ve got substitutes if they’d run out. With this batch, however, it’s all a surprise package. 25 packets of random varieties, selected from whatever was left after all the orders were picked and dispatched. They are:

  1. Laburnum
  2. Hesperantha coccinea
  3. Anthemis punctata
  4. Scabious Stellata
  5. Tagetes patula “linnaeus”
  6. Allium carinatum
  7. Nicotiana  sylvestris
  8. Dianthus “tatra fragrance”
  9. Sorbus koehneana
  10. Berkheya species
  11. Althaea armeniaca
  12. Aquilegia Stellata “greenapples”
  13. Clematis angustifolia
  14. Daphne tangutica retusa group
  15. Tulipa sprengeri
  16. Dipelta ventricosa
  17. Aconitum napellus
  18. Papaver orientale
  19. Papaver somniferum
  20. Plantago major “rosularis”
  21. Magnolia wilsonii
  22. Iris sibirica
  23. Gentiana asciepiades
  24. Zephyranthes citrina
  25. Hoheria species

Fabulously, that is not even all of it! I have yet to receive a packet of loose seeds which will be a total mystery.

Here are some photos showing what I hope some of them will look like.