Despite positively Arctic conditions this weekend, as well as running a half marathons worth of training runs, I have sown more seeds. Chilly work it was, too! 

Know how he feels, brrrr.

In this batch, I have sown some Helenium seeds I collected from the garden last autumn. They are prolific producers of seed so I have a tonne stashed away and have used a negligible quantity in this sowing. 


I’m half minded to do a bit of guerilla sowing somewhere. Or, I could use the surplus as snuff. Apparently helenium has a common name “sneezeweed” because it was used for that purpose back in the day! Maybe I could be the neighbourhood sneezeweed dealer. Money to be made there surely! I digress.
I also sowed a few more of the remaining seeds from the job lot I received from the Hardy Plant Society a couple of weeks back.

This time around I have sown:

  • Opium poppy
  • Oriental poppy
  • Aconitum napellas
  • Berkheya species
  • Plantago major “rosularis”

Actually, perhaps it’s not a great idea to have the phrases “Opium poppy” and “neighbourhood dealer” in the same post!!! Is that the federales at the door?

I’ll be back (I hope…)