The Berkshire group of the Hardy Plant Society meet once a month in Reading. Each month they have a speaker who does a talk on something related to perennial plants. Last night was my second meeting, the topic was autumn flowering plants. The speaker was Helen Picton from Old Court Nurseries in Herefordshire. Her family have run the nursery for decades and she has been running it for the last few years. The nursery and gardens specialise in autumn interest and they hold a national collection of Asters amongst many others. Judging by the pictures she had they’re pretty good at it. 

We saw impressive displays of colour, foliage and berries from September through to November.

Helen mentioned lots of plants which I didn’t manage to scribble down, but these are some which piqued my interest:

  • Rose ‘Braveheart’
  • Clematis kermesina 
  • Clematis viticella ‘alba luxurians’
  • Rudbeckia fulgida var. Deamii
  • Eupatorium purpurea 
  • Aster amellus ‘Forncett flourish’
  • Aster amellus ‘king george’
  • Aster frikartii ‘monch’
  • Aster newenglandii ‘burrs pink’
  • Aster ‘prairie purple’
  • Aster latiflorius horizontalis 
  • Cotoneaster pendula

Based on what I saw and heard last night, if you are in the area it looks well worth a visit.