For Trial 03, I am interested to see how much difference it makes to have bottom heat (matron!) under germinating seeds. It should make germination faster and more vigorous but let’s see.

I have three seed varieties in this trial, each divided equally between two groups.

  1. Aquilegia greenapples
  2. Anthemis punctata
  3. Zephyranthes citrana

All will be sown using the standard method, in 7cm pots.

Group 1 will go in the heated propagation bench with all the other seeds

Group 1

Group 2 will go on the gravel bed in the unheated part of the greenhouse.

Group 2

I’m running two hypotheses in this trial.

Hypothesis 1: Group 2 will germinate more slowly.

Hypothesis 2: Group 2 will germinate at a lower rate (ie less seeds will germinate).

I’ll measure time to reach 5 germinations and will wait 3 weeks and count the number of germinations to measure rate. I might measure rate again after 6 weeks depending on how slow the cooler seeds are.

I’ll be back over the next 2 or 3 weeks with an update on trial results.