Trial 2 is about timing of seed sowing and whether it is worth sowing annuals early or if it’s a waste of time and heated space.

I’ve pricked out the first batch of Cosmos into a half seed tray as they were getting a bit crowded in the 7cm pot they were sown in. They are quite leggy seedlings, normally a sign of insufficient light, although Cosmos do get tall quite quickly. I’ll compare to the April sown ones when the time comes. They ought to be less leggy as they’ll have better light.

Leggy Cosmos seedlings
Pricked out into a half tray

There are minute signs of life in the Lobelia tray. Tiny seedlings are becoming evident, just a dash of green.

Lobelia seedlings at high magnification

There are also seedlings visible in the Antirrhinum pot.

So, all three varieties in this trial have germinated in under two weeks, no difficulties there it seems.  The interesting thing will be how quickly they grow on and eventually flower.

I’ll be back with an update in a week or so.