I had a berry busy saturday afternoon. Back in the Christmas holidays I was getting twitchy, with little propagating action on the go. I ‘accidentally’ went to a garden centre and bought a load of raspberry canes that were on half price, read more here. At the time I mentioned the desire to have some kind of post and wire system to keep them orderly. That’s what I was up to this saturday afternoon. For a line of 12 canes, I’ve used three 8′ posts that I’d made pointy at one end using the mitre saw. I also gave them a couple of coats of wood preserver.  I bashed them in with a club hammer, more or less vertical and have used vine eyes and wire to get three wire lines at 40cm, 100cm and 180cm from the ground. 

Unheard of levels of raspberry support

This should be sufficient to control the raspberries when they start to go bonkers later in the spring.  I need to research how to tie them in properly, I expect there’s a trick to it.
I’ll be back later in the spring with berry orderly news.