Over the past weeks I’ve sown more perennial seeds than is strictly necessary or indeed sensible. I do get a bit giddy when it comes to seeds. All that potential, first sign winter is on its way out, plus the sense of impending bargain – lorra lorra plants for norra lorra money. There is also something borderline miraculous about the process. Being of a scientific bent I know and understand on an intellectual level the biology of the plant lifecycle but there is something awe inspiring about it that tickles me. That tiny thing turns into a plant that turns into many seeds and so (sow) on. Maybe it touches something primordial in us, a race memory going back thousands of years. Like fire. Or the smell of bacon cooking. Mmm… 


Sorry, drifted away there for a minute.
Anyhow, back to reality.  In the greenhouse, there is seedling action aplenty. Some I’m covering separately in the several trials I have going on, but the rest aren’t getting any airtime. 

There’s a long list of not-yet-germinating seeds which I won’t list here. If they persist in this uncooperative behaviour I’ll embarrass them in front of their peers. 
Germinating nicely, however :

  • Linaria
  • Parsnips
  • Chillies, two kinds
  • Scabiosa
  • Poppy orientalis

Nicy spicy
Pepper city
Rooting for the parsnips

Pricked out:

  • Tagetes
  • Penstemon husker
  • Sage
  • Physalis

The broadies were going so well in the heated bed that I moved them to a regular bench in the greenhouse. 

Broad beans

To add to the fun, I still had more to sow. This is the last batch from the Hardy Plant Society seed exchange.
Here they are:

Last of the HPS seed exchange

They are:

  • Hesperantha coccinea x zeal salmon
  • Astrantia major x ruby wedding
  • Tulipa sprengeri 
  • Magnolia wilsonii 
  • Sorbus koehneana 
  • Lupinus nootkatensis 
  • Laburnum species
  • Althaea armeniaca 
  • Dianthus x tatra fragrance

Actually there is one more, fern spores, which need a different treatment and justify a post all by themselves. 

Photo quality not up to my usual mediocrity, it’s dark out and my head torch and phone flash are not really up to the job of effective lighting. Must get a work light installed in there.

I’ll be back, with more germination news and a post on the fern spores.