In early December last year I took hardwood cuttings from some shrubs in our garden and many more that I took in a shameless raid on a large and well kept garden which I blagged via our local Freegle board. It is not yet time to crack open the pots but I am seeing some buds breaking on many of the stems.

Rubus cockburnianus
Salvia hot lips. Pleased to see new leaves, thought I’d lost this one…
Perovskia, russian sage. Nice neat cut. Not!
Climbing rose, variety unknown. Electric red flowers.
Looks golden in the flash light. Less Christmassy in real life.

They are probably just using up reserves in the stems rather than being fed by new roots but at least I haven’t managed to kill off the stems over the last few months, I’ll take that as a positive.

In general, the cuttings I’ve kept in the greenhouse are all showing signs of top growth and those that have been slumming it outside are not, the rose and black elder being the exception. I guess that’s not a surprise but I really didn’t know if that would matter. I imagine they’ll catch up.

I’ll be back, with some de-potting action in a month or two .

[Update 27-03, click here to see an update on the Salvia Hotlips cuttings]

[update 11-Apr-17, click here to see an update on all these cuttings]