Remember those Blue Peter totalizers? I thought it would be fun/scary to track how many plants I propagate this year. I’m only counting them once pricked out (for seedlings) and growing on for both seedlings and cuttings. Growing on for a cutting would be rooted and potted up individually and for a seedling would either be potted up or in modules, I might stretch a point if pricked out seedlings are a good size but doing ok in the trays. Garden ready is what it sounds like, ready to harden off and plant out, sell, or desperately foist on bemused friends family and passers by!

The scores on the doors as at last weekend were

  • Pricked out – 166
  • Growing on – 181
  • Garden ready – 28

Giving a grand total of 375 free or nearly free plants. This is already a quantity I will struggle to manage so frankly that’s an intimidating number.

I’ll attempt to update this inventory twice a month (ish) through the year. I will have losses of course, stocks may go down as well as up!

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks then, with an update on the running total.