Much of my focus in the last couple of months has been on propagating plants to repopulate the garden. In spare minutes though I have also been sowing veggies for the raised beds in the productive part of the garden. I gave a very rough plan a while back.

Sown this weekend, not yet germinated: 

  • Oregano
  • Chives
  • Tomato Ailsa Craig
  • Leek musselburgh
  • Tomato sweet million
  • Borlotti beans
  • Courgette 
  • Potatoes (early)
Seeds on the go
Spuds. In sacks.

I grew both new potatoes and main crops last year, the earlies taking up most of an 8×4 bed while the mains went in sacks dotted about. Both cropped pretty well so I’m doing the lot in sacks this year. This will leave more space free for something else and also means if I get spud blight I can just tip the bag contents on to the borders as a mulch and not have to worry about the veg beds.

Germinated, pricked out:

    • Parsley
    • Sage
    • Leek musselburgh 
    • Tomato bajaja
    • Carrot Jeanette

    I’m aiming for a supply of fresh herbs close to the house, probably in pots. Carrots and I don’t have a good history. I’ve tried numerous times in the past to grow them and they are always a disappointment.  I gather they need an easy root run to grow straight.  I think I will dig up an entire 2 foot square and sieve it to ensure stone and lump free and see what happens.  They certainly shouldn’t have any excuses.  This is their last chance. They are so cheap to buy, if I don’t get a worthwhile tasty crop it’s not worth the bother.

        Carrot Jeanette
        Tomato Bajaja

        Growing on nicely

        • Broadies
        • Chili peppers prairie fire
        • Chili peppers razzmatazz
        • Parsnips
          Peppers razzmatazz
          Sage, need potting on really…
          2nd sowing of broad beans

          I like growing tomatoes. We invariably lose them to blight eventually, but usually after a half decent crop. I’ll have three varieties on the go this year.  I usually use grow bags and some funny tomato pots. I’m going to try something different this year using a reservoir system. That should let the plants take whatever water they need and not rely on my somewhat erratic watering. I’ll post on that process once I get it set up

          I’m going to try keeping the courgettes under control this year.  I’ve sown just 5 seeds, and we probably only need one plant. I’ll choose the best one and pass the rest on. I might try training the courgette up a makeshift trellis, see if that stops it being so unruly. 

          I still have a few varieties to sow but will wait till I can safely sow outside.  Runner beans were awesome last year, they just kept cropping, so they are getting another appearance. I might build a Munty frame for them this year, keep some space free and make a bit easier to harvest. I also have turnips, radish, swede, snap peas. I should get some quick growing lettuce for quick in fill crops.

          I’ll be back in a few weeks with an update on  more sowing and planting out.

          What veggies do you have on the go? Do you have any carroty advice for a failed carrot grower?