My propagation journey continues apace. It has been a couple of weeks since I last gave an update on the plant totaliser.  The relentless increase in plants continues.  I’m not helping myself by getting some divisions done.  I have a few big clumps of astilbe that I dug up a large spadeful of the other day. It divided up into 45 individual divisions, albeit small ones. They are in 7cm pots and doing nicely.  I managed to offload a few to a neighbour, but still 42 to add to the total.

Astilbe a-go-go

I have about 6 other similar sized clumps of astilbe that I could also divide.  Perhaps I’ll leave that till next year!

The growth profile has changed a little, in keeping with the general process of moving plants through from germination through to pricking out to growing on to garden ready.

The scores on the doors at the weekend were:

  • Pricked Out  –  221 (-32 down)
  • Growing On  –  379 (+109 up)
  • Ready             – 68 (+40 up)

The increase in plants growing on comes from the astilbe divisions mentioned previously, and potted on poppies, nicotiana, crocosmia and lychnis.  I’m also finding a few plants lurking in corners of the greenhouse and cold frame that I’d neglected to log in the database in the first place.  A few marigolds fall into this category, plus I also dug up part of a clump of dwarf hop in the last two weeks.  I’m not sure if they will survive the process, but there are 7 small divisions enjoying some R&R in the heated bench.

Hopping mad

If they grow on, I’ll put a few along the fence dotted among the clematis. It does a great job at covering about a 1.5m section of fence from May through to whenever I get around to tidying it up over the winter. The foliage is a bright green, the leaves are an interesting shape and the flowers (are they flowers?), the things that are used in brewing, are also attractive, fading from green to brown. It dies back to the ground each year but by the end of March is emerging stronger than ever and by the end of April it has clambered up the 6 foot fence no bother.  Here is the parent plant, happily and vigorously striving for height.

Hop to it!

Here is the chart.

plant totaliser 10-04

I think I’ll add a couple of categories, “planted out” and “moved on” or “given away” or something similar.  This will allow me to keep track of how many plants I propagate through foul means or fair this year, rather than plants disappearing off the total when I either put them in the their final homes, or get shot of them somehow.  If I had thought of that before writing this paragraph I could have included them in the chart. Never mind, next time.

The score for those would have been:

  • Planted out   –   1
  • Moved on   –   14

The solitary plant that has gone in the garden is a pheasants tail grass that I grew from seed.  It’s a good size now after spending a while in a nursery bed. I’m equal parts hopeful and alarmed that I’ll have some rooted dahlia cuttings to add to the “growing on” pile in the next couple of weeks.  I still have plenty of hardwood cuttings to add once (if) they’ve rooted, and we haven’t got into the tip and softwood cutting season yet. I wonder if four figures, over 1000 plants, is achievable this year? If I added in the veg I’ve grown from seed I’d get there, no problem.  I’ve excluded the veg thus far so I guess I should be consistent.

In any case, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with a revised total.