From my childhood, the time I remember feeling this most strongly was on the waltzer ride at our local fairground.  That sense of enjoying it at first but then the ride getting faster and faster, but knowing that it was going to continue for a good while longer. Cue tearful pleas to parents, ‘make it stop!!’ Feeling something akin to that now, milder perhaps, but real. I am engaged in a fiddly greenhouse juggling exercise that will be familiar to many gardeners at this time of year. I have a lot growing from seeds germinating and needing pricking out, potting on, potting on again, hardening off, all of which necessitates shuffling plants around the greenhouse, heated to unheated, from the greenhouse to the cold frame, from the cold frame to…where? Anywhere somewhat sheltered I can find. This means I now have to tip-toe through an obstacle course of plants just to get to the greenhouse. The gaps between the raised beds, which offer some protection from the weather (if we ever have any), are getting fairly cluttered. I need about three times the cold frame space I have. Anyhow, mustn’t grumble. To extend the metaphor, I paid to go on this fairground ride so I must see it through.

I have mentioned in the past that my local HPS has a plant fair, a ready channel for me to distribute my many excess plants. I am informed that the plants that sell best at said fair are a good size but not too big, in 1 litre pots. I don’t have any 1 litre pots, or not many. I was going to do a sweep through our local Freegle boards but then had a brainwave. It seems that you can buy enormous quantities of used pots of any size on eBay, quite cheaply, pennies each. I have about 500 arriving in the next few days. Of course, being bigger, they will take up yet more space once I start moving plants up a size. Sobs.

In the merry-go-round of the last week or so I have added to the plant tally quite a bit. Germinated seeds of helenium, rudbeckia, lobelia, lychnis coronaria, foxglove and others have been pricked out in numbers and are thus now counted. I have potted on seedlings of hesperantha, allium, berkhaya.

I have rooted cuttings of dahlias and salvia hotlips which are now growing on.  Still more of those to come, next time perhaps. I also divided some geum and alchemilla mollis the other day, that’s another 30 odd plants right there. At the weekend I dug up some pheasants tail grass from its temporary home in one of the raised beds. I grew these from seed last year and they have grown into good size clumps. I felt compelled to divide them a bit, seemed rude not to, so that’s another 9 to add. Stop the ride!

The scores on the doors are currently:

Pricked Out – 272 (up 51)

Growing on – 487 (up 108)

Ready – 144 (up 76)

The chart looks like this.

totaliser 26-04

I want to get off!!

Secretly, of course, the fairground is a thrill, and each year I wanted to go back and the waltzer was ridden regardless.

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with an update on the planty madness.