On Saturdays I am sharing six things going on in my garden. Why don’t you join in? Can be anything; a project, an interesting plant, a good flower, a success, a failure, anything really.

Here are my six for today.

1) Clematis.  I’ve planted a lot of clematis this year, after a bargain sweep at B&Q earlier in the year. The first flowers arrived this week, first of many I hope…


2) Alchemilla mollis, lady’s mantle.  A garden stalwart.  I like the leaves, especially when they’re wet. They seem to hold the water, they must have slightly hairy leaves.  I started with a small group of these plants, they have spread themselves freely around the garden. I don’t mind.


3) Sadly, the tulips are mostly a busted flush now. I planted over 200 late last year (acquired at bargain price, naturally), several different varieties. The display was quite good, although about 50 were not happy in a large planter – too shady for them I think, they got no direct sun at all.  I’ll dig those up and store once the foliage has died down, with a view to finding a better spot for them in November. I’m going to buy a similar amount later this year when stock is available, to build up the display even more.  I’ve heard that some tulips aren’t reliable returners, but I am hoping that this year’s bunch come back for an encore next spring. This is the last flower standing, and even that is looking a little sorry for itself.  Shame they’re done, but it was good for several weeks.  Looking forward to next year!

4) forget-me-not. I’ve never planted any. Not one. And yet I have some. Self-seeded, I assume, or perhaps it was deposited by a bird.


5) Ceonothus. This has become a large shrub, or is it a small tree? More by luck than judgement the canopy is quite high, 3m, giving some good height to that part of the border and allowing some worthwhile space for underplanting. It is fighting a little bit with a very thuggish jasmine, more on that brute another time. I’ve had the ceonothus for years, 10 maybe. It brings a nice splash of colour to early/mid spring, blue too, not something I see much of in our garden


6) Strawberry tower.  In past years I allowed strawberries to take over a whole raised bed, which wasn’t a good idea, they began to invade other beds and besides, the plants seem to become unproductive after a few years.  I dug them all up and we have been sans fraises since then. That changes this year, I ‘accidentally’ bought 36 plants from the pity bench in my garden centre last weekend, nothing apparently wrong with them, they must have overstocked. Bargain! I needed somewhere to plant them though and the raised beds are all planned out for veg. I remembered seeing on another blog that someone had fashioned a vertical planter out of an old pallet. I set to it, bodged one up, here it is all planted up.

That’s my six for this week, but what have you got going on? If you decide to join in, please include a link back to this blog, and add a link to your post in the comments below.

I’ll be back next week with another Six on Saturday.