I have previously wittered about redesigning borders in our garden. My last post was on the design, which I finally committed to paper.  I have been busy growing waaaay too many plants. Can you really have too many? Evidence for the prosecution, 60 primula japonica ‘miller’s crimson’ growing away. I need 15, absolute tops.  Evidence for the defence, umm, ‘cos more plants??

Anyhow, last weekend I planted out Border 1, fulfilling twin objectives of easing my capacity problem and more importantly achieving the intended effect in the garden.

I include the design for Border 1 again here for reference.

Border planning

I first extended the border, dug and mulched it, so it is good and ready to receive plants. There are several existing plants that will remain in place. I did remove a few alchemilla mollis as they were in the way. I had also intended to dig up the rosemary but in fact I decided to just prune the front of the bush away, leaving a bit of height and some bulk at the back of the border

Ready and willing.

Plenty of space, and it needs filling. Generally, I have managed to stick to the planting plan. I started at the left with the aubrieta and dianthus, and moved across to the right. No battle plan survives contact with enemy, and I did make a couple of adjustments as I was in the thick of it.  The Monarda aren’t quite ready, I want to wait for them to bulk up a bit and harden off properly, so I’ve left a space for them. Or I think I did, the surrounding plants may have other ideas. In a further departure from the plan, I decided not to plant the foxgloves in their designated spot, partly due to height, partly due to actually not having the room – the surrounding planting invaded their space. Instead I put them in the back right corner, next to the cotinus.  I think they’ll be happy there, I can let them self-seed there, and the height will be fine too. The only downside is I now have to find a place for the cornus midwinter fire that I had planned to plant there.  hmm…

I’m always faintly disappointed by a recently planted bed, particularly when the plants are all young.  They look a little lost at sea in all that space.  They will of course grow on quickly. I’m going to keep a photo diary of all three borders once they’re up and running, I’m looking forward  to seeing them establish and hopefully bloom. Next year is likely to be more impressive than this year.

I’ll be back soon with an update on borders 2 and 3.