Well, here I am again with six things going on in my garden this Saturday. I’m more than happy to keep this going all by myself (with Jim’s able help) but it would be fun to get Six on Saturday as a regular thing amongst fellow planty bloggerati.  Why not join in?

1) Alliums. This is their, let’s see, 3rd year I think, 4th possibly. They pick up the baton from the tulips, and continue to add value with the seedheads once the colour’s gone.  I don’t recall the variety, these were planted before I kept any kind of record.  They are a reliable repeat performer.  Mental note, must get some more for elsewhere in the garden.


2) Aquilegia. I’d include a photo, but I can’t, as none – none! – have come up this year.  There are two possibilities here.  First, I inadvertently dug them all up whilst clearing the borders earlier in the year.  Unlikely I got them all, and even if I did there’d be some seed around.  Second, they’ve be done for by the dreaded mildew which is becoming prevalent, it seems.  I’m afraid the latter is more likely than the former, which is a shame.  I hardly had a huge collection of them, but they were a good do-er at this time of year.  It does present the opportunity to aquire some seed and grow some replacements in a more exciting range of colours.  Silver lining and all that.

3) Rain!  It has been extremely dry so far this spring. Until this week, when we have had some properly organised rain.  All day rain, for a couple of days.  In a reversal of recent trends, I’ve had to UN water some plants.  Some plants hardening off in trays outside were getting a bit waterlogged, I’ve been going round twice a day emptying the trays out.  You can have too much of a good thing.  The rain has also brought out the molluscs in force.  This muscular looking chap was intent on munching some lobelia in the cold frame.  I intercepted him…

Almost there…almost there…oi! what you doing?  lemme go!


4) Lawn. I have a smallish lawn, maybe 9m by 9m.  I use a push mower that I bought last summer when my petrol job gave up the ghost after 15 years of loyal service.  As well as making a pleasingly old-fashioned sound, it’s a lot lighter and of course free to run. The lawn did not grow much in the early part of the spring as it was so dry here.  It was also becoming a little mossy in places and the weeds were beginning to become bossy. Mossy and bossy! I never quite got around to applying feed & weed last year, which probably explains why it was looking a little neglected.  This spring I invested in a hollow-tine aerator.  This is a good bit of kit, quite inexpensive really, less than £15.  It has five tines.  The advantage of this over just using a garden fork, allegedly, is that whilst the fork will make holes in your lawn, it achieves this simply by compacting the ground around it.  Given that the aim of this exercise is to reduce compaction, that’s not good.  The hollow tines remove a plug of soil, which gives everything a bit more room to breathe. It did look like all the neighbourhood cats had paid a visit (in more than one sense). The plugs all went on the compost heap.

Mucky cats.


One minor irritation was that one or two of the tines became clogged from time to time, quite difficult to clean them out satisfactorily.

I have also remembered to apply the feed and weed, more than I managed last year.  That has cleared out the moss and the majority of the weeds, leaving the grass looking pretty good in comparison.  A couple of weeks later, my dodgy spreading has become obvious, the lawn exhibiting some streaks where I missed with the fertiliser.  I was in a rush, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Missed a bit!


5) Rose ‘Danse de feu’.  This is a great rose.  It climbs quite happily in the shade and flowers like a trooper from about now through the summer.  I’ve got a few cuttings of this on the go, both hardwood and softwood. I’m hoping to increase stocks so I can spread the rosy joy to other parts of the garden.

Rain rain go away.  Actually wait, carry on, need some more.


6)  Rodgersia pinnata.  I love the shape of the leaves.  Until last year I grew this in full shade, and whilst it grew quite happily there, I thought I’d move it to a spot that gets a bit more sun, see how it gets on.  So far so good, it seems quite happy. I have seen this variety get really tall, about 5 foot, so am hoping for big things.  Literally.

Rodger the dodger


That’s my Six for this Saturday.  Why not join in and help me make this a regular meme thing.  If you do, add a link to your post in the comments below, and maybe add a link back to this blog in your post.

Thanks, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

I’ll be back next weekend with another Six on Saturday.