A quick update on the plant totaliser.

It’s something of a relief to say that there is less coming into the process at the start, I haven’t sown any seeds recently.  I think anything that will germinate has germinated, by and large.  I might get the odd few coming through.  It would be foolish of me to sow any more seeds now.  Obviously that won’t necessarily stop me…!  However, the seeds that have germinated,  plus some rooted cuttings, are making their way through the process through to growing on, garden ready and even planted out.  I’ve also shifted quite a few by giving away to friends and family and also to a plant fair.  I do still have numerous cuttings which are yet to enter the count as they have not yet rooted.

Anyhow, the scores on the doors are:

  • Pricked out:  165 (down from 272)
  • Growing on:  442 (down from 460)
  • Ready:  147 (down from 151)
  • Moved on: 53 (up from 36)
  • Planted out:  57 (up from 1)

The chart is as follows.

totaliser 25-05

The grand total has reduced by about 60 plants.  There has been no catastrophic loss as such, just the odd few of several varieties succumbing to the usual hazards of slugs, snails, thirst, waterlogging, heat, frost, gardener error.  Given the quantities involved, I’m not trying too hard to rescue any hard-luck stories, they are going straight on the compost heap.  I’m beginning to take more and more cuttings, so there will be numbers to add in here, assuming a degree of rooting success.

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with another tally, by which time there should be more in the ‘planted out’ category.