This trial is about micorrhizal fungi and whether or not use of it makes a jot of difference. I’m using some lychnis arkwrightii that I grew from seed this year. They are still small plants. Frankly none of them is looking particularly happy.

I think they have been getting too wet, they’ve been sitting in a non-draining tray. I used the fungi on 5 plants as I potted them on last time. I’m comparing those 5 and the 5 healthiest looking plants from the no fungi group.  All have been in the same conditions since potting on.

The fungi group (left) are a little taller than the other group. A little. 

On inspection, there was very little difference in the root balls. None had put on any great roots, probably a symptom of being wet the whole time, the plants didn’t have to work hard enough.

Here they are side by side, fungi group always on the left.

If pushed I could convince myself that the fungi group have overall more visible roots, but not a resounding difference between the groups. 

I can’t say, hand on heart, that the fungi group have performed convincingly better or really differently at all than the group with no fungi. 

I didn’t provide ideal conditions for the trial plants so I may repeat this trial at some point. I’m calling this one a score draw.

I’ll be back soon with more trials.