Here we go again, Six things going on in my garden this Saturday.  Why not join in?  Could be anything, a good flower, a troublesome weed, a project, a disaster, a triump, anything at all.  Here are my six.

1 – Foxgloves. I think these came to me originally as teeny plug plants in a winter perennial offer from T&M.  The plants currently flowering away are probably the 2nd or 3rd generation.  I’ll let them self-seed where they are, but for now they are in good flowering order, doing good duty in focal points in diagonally opposite corners of the garden.  They are white, in general, but with purple flecks inside the trumpets.  The bees love them, and so do I.


2 – Oenethera ‘Apricot delight’. I grew these evening primroses from seed last summer, they have overwintered outside quite happily and I’ve now planted some out in the new border scheme, more to follow in a later post.  They are dainty little things, although they seem yellow, frankly, not apricot.  Hmmph.

Delight?  Disappointment, more like!


3 – Jasmine.  This thing is a thug.  In one sense it has something to offer in that it flowers profusely, little white flowers.  It climbs happily too.  But, and it’s a big but, it is rampant. From a single small plant, it has gradually spread all the way down one side of the garden, and also across 12 feet of trellis. This wouldn’t be so bad except it takes over, growing through and tangling up with other plants, eventually overwhelming them.  I now fight an annual battle to prevent it from spreading further, and ideally also knocking it back a few feet.  It self-layers at an unbelievable rate – any time a stem so much as touches the ground, it’s off.  Much as I might like to, I’ll never entirely get rid of it.

Jasmine.  Utter thug.


4 – Escalonia.  This evergreen has occupied space in the long, sunny border for years. I don’t especially like it, and in fact I’ve designed it out of the border, mainly on the basis that it has never done anything.  Never flowered, not once.  Murphy’s Law very much in force, of course, it has started to flower. I’m still minded to lose it and replace with other planting that I like better.



5 – Clematis.  I love a clematis.  Really love them.  I have wittered previously about my bargain purchase earlier in the year.  A couple of them are slow starters, not yet above knee height, but many are chest height (5′) and flowering away.  The ‘Rebecca’ that I previously featured is being munched by something in the front garden.  Earwigs I think.  However, Mme J Correvon, Warsaw Nike, Piilu are in their pomp, although sparsely at present.  I’m expecting even better things next year, once they are more established.

Warsaw Nike


Poor Rebecca, she has seen better days.


Also a Rebecca, it turns out, different plant.  Unmunched so far…




6 – Dahlias. It’s unlike me to have correctly timed a trend, but I’ve become a dahlia fan since last year.  I grew some from seed, bought a few this year, and have increased stocks through cuttings.  I’ve started to plant out the good-sized plants, part of the new border shenanigans, more of which soon.  They repaid that honour by immediately flowering.

Bishop’s Children.  Naughty Bishop!


That’s my six for this week.  Last week I was very happy to be joined by 3 other bloggers, Jim, Sharon and Greenfingered, which I think officially makes Six on Saturday a full-on meme, at least for one week.  Why not join in?  If you decide to join, add a comment to this post with a link to your Six, and maybe include a link back to this blog in your post.  Look forward to reading more Sixes!