(I meant 10-06…)

Time for this week’s Six on Saturday. Each week I am showcasing six things going on in my garden. Why not join in?

1. Bindweed.  Is it rational to form such a visceral dislike for a plant?  It comes through from next door’s garden and I do battle with it every year.  My weapon of choice is a handfork, I try to get right under it and dig the whole piece up, following it along until I get it all.  One of the more annoying garden noises is that little “pop” when a root breaks and you know you haven’t got it all.  If let loose, this thug will quickly overwhelm a typical garden plant, and will eventually do for a large shrub too.  It is nigh-on indestructible as it re-grows from the tiniest speck of root.  In my bitter experience the only solution is constant vigilence, dig the blighter up every time I see it poking up out of the soil. Oh, never put it on the compost heap.


2. Lychnis coronaria.  I have both the white and magenta varieties.  They are a prolific flowerer, happy in dry conditions and self-seed prolifically – one seed head (of which there are many) will produce dozens of seeds.  The seeds come true, although apparently it is possible to get a pink/white cross which is quite pretty.  Never happened to me.  They just need dead-heading frequently to prolong the flowering which goes on for months. They are hardy but short-lived, getting a bit past-it after two or three years.  They can be divided in the spring, discarding the old core and planting out the new growth on the outside. I normally have so many seedlings in the border I just dig up and discard the old plants.



3. Hosta, variety unknown. It’s clearly variegated. I like hostas and have admired the pictures of other’s much more impressive collections. They inevitably end up getting munched a bit (a lot) by slugs or snails but funnily enough this year this one is untouched.  I think it may have been because of the very dry weather earlier in the spring – not conducive conditions for Mr Slug.


4. Linaria purpurea.  I featured this plant just a couple of weeks ago in a previous Six on Saturday.  I wasn’t sure of the variety but it has now flowered.  I think it’s your basic linaria purpurea.  I gather it’s very prolific so will probably be weeding the things out for the next forever.


5. Hachonechloa macra ‘aureola’. I’ve wanted one of these for a while, I picked up one at a plant fair the other week.  It’s quite small at the moment, I think it was a division of a larger plant, but it will surely get bigger as it establishes.  I’ve got it at the edge of a shady border, it might get annoyingly sprawly over the lawn in future but I can always move it.


6. Sambucus nigra.  The heavy winds in the last week or so have not played too much havoc in my garden, but for some reason the black elder has succumbed.  A couple of the stems, all this year’s growth, have bent and basically snapped in the wind. It’s looking a bit worse for wear as a result.  In fact, the rest of the shrub is looking a little drunk.


That’s my Six for this Saturday.  What do you have to share in your garden?  Could be anything, a good flower, an interesting plant, a garden project, a weed, a disaster, a triumph, anything.  If you’d like to join in, please add a link to your post in the comments, and maybe add a link back to this blog in your post.

Enjoy your weekend!

I’ll be back for another Six next Saturday.