A few weeks ago I took some cuttings using very immature stems of a Cotinus ‘grace’ shrub that I have.  As you can read in the update I added to that post, those cuttings failed, they rotted.  I think it was a combination of too much heat (it was roasting in the greenhouse at the time) and too immature and thus vulnerable stems.  I’m giving it another go now that the stems have lengthened and have got more mature.  I’m following exactly the same procedure as before, including being scrupulously clean.  I won’t repeat all the stages here, they are given in detail in the Take 1 post.

This is what the stems look like on the shrub, they are about 45 cm long as opposed to at most 10 cm before.

    I cut two long stems at the base, each of which provided 4 or 5 cuttings. I discarded the top 10cm or so of each stem as too flimsy, then made two cuts for each cutting, one immediately above a leaf node, the second immediately below the next leaf node. These are nodal cuttings. The nodes were quite close together on these stems, leaving pegs of about 5cm. As the single leaves on each cutting were quite large, I trimmed them back by about 50% using a clean blade.

    I’ve set the cuttings up in a single, clean 9cm pot, using a gritty cuttings compost, 2 parts grit to one part vermiculite. I’ve watered them in and given them a spray with fungicide.

    I’m leaving them in the heated bench as bottom heat should help with rooting.  I’ve opened up the cover entirely but left some shade cloth to ensure they don’t get direct sunshine. I’ll water them every couple of days to ensure they don’t dry out.  They should root in 6 to 8 weeks, less possibly.

    Fingers crossed, second time lucky…

    I’ll be back, with an update on rooting.