‘Ello ‘ello.  Time for another Six on Saturday.  Six things going on in the garden, on a Saturday.  Why not join in?

1 – Rose, unknown variety. Annoying that it’s unknown as I’m sure I found the label for this the other day. Might be imagining it. Anyhow, this small shrub rose was given to my wife as a birthday present almost 7 years ago.  Through most of that time it has remained a fairly pathetic article, neglected at the front of the border.  We sometimes got some flowers, but generally not much.  It has clearly bucked up its ideas as it is flowering profusely, or in the process of so doing.  I think the mulch the border was given earlier in the spring is the game-changer.  High manure content, good for roses it seems.


2.  Lily.  I mentioned these a few Sixes ago.  They are now flowering, more to come still.  They are a bit isolated in the border at the moment, I need their recently planted bedmates to grow on and establish, then they will be in polite company.


3.  Clematis ‘ Comtesse de bouchard’. One of my many cheapo acqusitions earlier this year,  It is flowering away quite happily, although not very tall. It is year 1 in the ground, so I expect more from it (and its counterparts) next year and beyond.


I also lost a clematis plant (well, the above-ground portion of it) to wilt.  It was looking pretty sad (dead) so I’ve cut it down to the ground.  I may get some new growth from below the soil this year, maybe not till next year, and maybe it’s a goner.  They do usually come back.  Bit annoying.

4.  Courgette – thought I’d include these fellas here as they are flowering away.  I’ve 4 of this bush variety in the ground, so I will have a glut of courgettes.  Or, if I turn my back for 5 minutes, marrows.


5. Lavender.  Bit old school, but I like it.  My grandfather had a big lavender shrub next to some steps in his garden.  It was always full of bees and thus, as a kid, an object to be feared, and to be run past rapidly.  Funny how these things stick in your mind.  Anyhow, I have acquired a load very cheaply in recent years and have been busy establishing clumps of what #4 child refers to as “that smelly bush” at choke points in the garden, aping the effect my granddad achieved way back when.wp-image-761273682

6. Honeysuckle.  Well, I think it’s now an ex-honeysuckle. The last couple of years it has been exhibiting some strange behaviour.  It would leaf up in the spring, flower, then immediately drop all it its leaves, not even waiting till the autumn. This year it has not leafed up at all, never mind flowered.  I’ll have to dig it up I think.  Still, on the plus side, I need a new plant!


That’s my Six for this sunny Saturday. If you’d like to join in this meme (please do) then just leave a comment below with a link to your post, and maybe a link back to this blog in your post.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I’ll be back next week with another Six.