Over the last month or two I’ve made several posts describing the process of taking cuttings of plants in my garden.  Here is the update on how those cuttings are doing.  It’s a mixed bag….

Dahlias. In general, these have been a great success.  I lost a few along the way, but the vast majority rooted well, transplanted happily too, and are now growing on to a good size.  I’ll be planting them out soon.  If I can find room for them.  Yay!

Dahlia Regiment.


Cotinus ‘Grace’ – I’ve had two shots at this. The first was a dead loss, and I have to say the second isn’t looking too hopeful, most the stems are looking distinctly droopy, and I’ve removed 2 or 3 that had already turned up their toes.  This is a little disheartening.  I’m going to have one last bash at this, I want to try something else.  I might also try to propagate this shrub by layering.

Flickering flame


Rose ‘Danse de feu’.  I took some softwood cuttings of this rose to increase stocks, I have a few places in the garden that would benefit from its prolific and very beautiful flowering.  So far, mixed results.  I have a few viable stems left from 10 or 15.  I do think I see the beginnings of roots appearing through the bottom of the pot, so fingers crossed.

Hanging on by a thread


Pelargoniums. I didn’t write about these in a post, but they are quite happy.  No obvious sign of roots through the bottom of the container. Taps foot in impatience.  I have a couple of patio pots standing by for these.

Pellies looking good.


Fuschia – these seem perky enough, I think there even a couple of very small flowers. No roots visible yet. although signs of fresh top growth is encouraging.

These fuschia have a future


Salvia ‘Hot Lips’.  I originally took some hardwood cuttings which failed, but did produce some good fresh top growth, which I salvaged as two softwood cuttings. Until the other day, these were looking very healthy and green, with early signs of roots coming through the bottom of the pot.  My impatience got the better of me and I enthusiastically potted them up, ignoring the little voice saying ‘you should wait, you know you should wait’. They had some good roots, although quite fine.  They both died within a day or two. I killed them!  This is really annoying – I was looking forward to having those plants in my garden.  I should have left them be for another month or two.   Hmmph. Might just buy one and be damned.

Clematis.  I took these cuttings on 14th May.  They have occasionally looked a little droopy, but a good watering has usually sorted this out.  I’ve lost one or two stems but in general they look happy.  I could convince myself that I see roots out of one or two of the modules, but if I’ve learnt anything this year it’s to be ultra-patient about potting on rooted cuttings.  Better to let them be in their original containers until extremely well rooted when better able to withstand the indignity of being transplanted.

Please sir, can I have some more….clematis?


Carnations – these look perfectly happy so far.  Early days, I only took the cuttings two weeks ago.

Pinky and perky pipings


Weigela – very recently taken, still pretty fresh looking.

Euphorbia.  I pinched a few stems from my mother’s garden for cuttings. They seem to be doing OK so far.

Euphoric about the euphorbia



In general it’s a mixed bag this year for softwood cuttings, albeit a great improvement on previous years. I do find it immensely frustrating that some work well and others just give up, with no obvious difference in approach. My quest for the perfect technique continues…

I’ll be back with an update on these and any other cuttings I take.