Here we go, another Six on Saturday.  Six things, in the garden, on a Saturday.  Could be anything, a good plant, nice flower, a project, a failure, wildlife, a dastardly weed, anything at all.  Why not join in?

Here are my Six for this week.

1 –  Lychnis arkwightii.   I grew these from seed this year.  In theory they are an interesting plant, dark stems, good foliage and striking orange/red flowers.  I’ve managed to grow a bunch of weak plants, so I’ve obviously gone wrong somewhere in the process from pricking out on.  However, they are flowering gamely enough. I am hopeful that they will at least establish a worthwhile crown and root system this year, and come back with a vengeance next year.



2 – Dianthus – regular readers will know I love a bargain.  At this time of year I find excuses (not difficult) to visit my local DIY shed, or garden centre, for a trawl of the pity benches. Plants there are often badly watered, dry, weedy looking things, or sometimes a bit past it, but often very cheap.  I usually find a good drink and a feed up is enough to coax some useful life out of them.  In this case, I bought two trays of 24 dianthus plants for £1 each.  The plants were actually qute healthy looking, albeit small. I wish I’d bought more as they are now doing excellent service in some patio pots. A lot of perky colour for peanuts.


3 – Cosmos ‘rubenza’ – this is my second year running of poor results with cosmos.  This is one of just three plants I’ve been able to nurse through to being worth planting out in the garden.  It is quite short still, but is at least putting out some flowers. I’ve decided I won’t bother sowing cosmos early or in modules again, but will just sow direct in the late spring, hoping that nature will do its thing without my involvement.  I’ve sown a very late batch in the front garden as an experiment.  It might be a bit late.  It’s a shame, as a good sized group of cosmos is a lovely thing.


4 – Strawberries.  Continuing the theme of bargain plants, some weeks ago I bought a bunch of strawberry plants at half price, reduced for no apparent reason, perhaps just overstocked.  I have some in a strawberry pot on the patio, but most are in a triple deck vertical planter I bodged together from a pallet.  All are doing well, but the patio planter is doing better, probably because it gets a bit more sun.   That reminds me, must trim off the runners.



5 – Dicentra spectabilis – the flowers are long gone, but the foliage is still interesting.  This one is planted on the edge of shady Border 5, so it catches the available light. It’s a welcome spot of brightness in an otherwise fairly dark border. It’s a work in progress.


6 – Brodiaea ‘Queen Fabiola’.  I’d forgotten what these were called, one of the many fabulous twitter peeps set me straight recently.  These are bulbs that I planted in a container a few years ago. The foliage comes first then dies off, to be followed by the stems and finally the flowers.  They are good for a few weeks.  I am minded to move them this autumn, probably to one of the borders.  I prefer to have a more continuous display in the containers and these guys are hogging a prime spot for most of the season.



So that’s my six.  Several different bloggers have joined in this meme (I think I can call it that now!) over the last few weeks, it’s great to have a nose round other people’s gardens! If you’d like to join in, please do, just add a comment to this post with a link to yours, and maybe a link back to this blog in your post.  Enjoy your weekend!

I’ll be back next Satuday with another Six.