We are well and truly into harvest season, at least for some crops.  Here’s what’s going on in my little plot of 3 raised beds.


Not yet sown:

Pesky fennel.  I may not get around to it this year….

Sown but not germinated:

Radish. This came as seed tape. I have sown 4 two foot strips.


Carrots ‘Jeanette’. Call it successional sowing, or an insurance policy!  I sowed the rest of the packet in root trainers. I plan to plant them out in the bags that I harvest the new potatoes from.

Planted out and growing on:

Red cabbage – recently planted out, so these have some distance to go.

Salad leaves, four varieties. These are growing away, I should probably thin them out a little.

Carrots ‘Jeanette’.  Well, they seem to be doing OK.  Certainly the top growth looks very healthy.  A quick examination under the soil shows that there are good size carrot tops so at least some growing has been done, roots have formed. I’ll pull some up in a week or two I think.


Borlotti beans – these have clambered up their support and are beginning to form pods.


Runner beans – I’ve got two batches of this on the go. I was so annoyed by slugs (seemingly) laying waste to the young plants that I sowed more beans (3rd lot) into the same place, and some more in root trainers, just in case. Since then the runners sown in the original spot are coming on well, I think some from each of the three batches. Maybe it wasn’t slugs, maybe they were just taking their time to come through. Meanwhile the final batch in root trainers are a good size and I’ve planted them out where the broadies were. Runners were excellent croppers for me last year so I have high hopes.


Leeks – I have three batches on the go. Two sown by me, one bought as a tray of seedlings for pennies. Leeks do well for me so I’m doubling down.

Swede – these were teeny seedlings last time.  They haven’t grown on loads, but they do take a while to bulk up I think. A few were a little nibbled by slugs.


Parsnips- there are some good roots forming, I checked under the surface. This is encouraging!


Spuds – mains. Lots of foliage, lots of flowers. This is a good sign.

Turnips ‘Milan’ – I think these are going to be a grave disappointment.  They’re all mouth and no trousers.  There’s plenty of top growth, but nothing going on underneath, that I can find.  This, coupled with the fact that none of us like to eat turnips, is highly likely to mean I never bother with them again.

Tomatoes – I have three varieties growing away, 19 plants in all.  ‘Bajaja’ and ‘Sweet million’ are the cherries and ‘Aisla craig’ are the regular sized tomatoes. I have a watering trial underway, I’ll post an update on that separately.  Anyhow, they are growing on OK, with the ‘Bajaja’ flowering away, the others have a handful of flowers between them.




Broad beans – these are done now, I’ve dug them up and planted more runners and the red cabbage in their place. While they tasted great, there really weren’t very many of them.  Enough for a warm salad for my wife and I but that’s it.  Not a great return on several months of growing, taking up quarter of a raised bed.  I’ll research heavier croppers, the ones I had this year were just the ones left over in the Wyvale sale. Or I might not bother…


Salad leaves – these are doing nicely, shaded by the courgette leaves. I’ve just been snipping off the top of a plant to have with dinner and within a few days it’s growing again.  I also have some rocket-style leaves and some tom-thumb lettuces on the go but they’re not quite ready yet.


Spuds – earlies. I emptied one bag out the other day. I learnt two things.  First, it was top soon, they needed a week or two more. Second, the soil/compost was quite dry, so I need to up the watering a bit.


Rhubarb – this is it’s second year. We have harvested a few stalks but then it didn’t do much. I’ve since found that it wasn’t getting enough water. I’ve been going to town on it, giving it a good glug every day and it has responded well. Rhubarb crumble for pud on Sunday…!


Beetroot ‘boltardy’. Not doing a lot, they’re still quite small. They are growing.

Snap peas – I’m getting a better crop, and they’re so much less hassle, than the pod peas I grew last year. I’m now kicking myself for not sowing some more as successional planting. I’ll be doing more of these next year.


Onions – these were planted as sets last winter. I think they’re done, they won’t get any bigger, so I’ve part lifted them to dry out. I’ll store them later this week. They aren’t any of them show winners, all quite small. I did plant them close, that’s probably why.

Courgettes – only one of four plants has produced viable fruit so far, I gather it’s a flower and fertisation issue. Two of the others are now producing a lot of flowers but I’m not sure there is the requisite mix of male and female flowers. We have met our immediate courgette needs from just the one plant, so the others are all upside/glut. I am watering them a lot.


Cabbage – these are ginormous now. Not having grown cabbage before, I have a cellophane wrapped supermarket cabbage in mind and these don’t look like that! I’m assured these are perfectly good cabbages so I plan to harvest one this weekend.


That’s it for the veg, I also have strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants and gooseberries in various stage of fruting up.

I’ll be back in 2 or 3 weeks with another veggie update.  What do you have growing in your veg plot?