I’ve done quite a lot of border re-jigging this year, in both the front and back gardens.  I thought I would do up a post to record the growth to date this year and I can then compare and contrast at a similar time next year.

Rear garden

Border 1.  I doubled the width (front to back) of this border earlier this year and replanted it to a great extent.  It has filled out quite nicely. The aubrieta has been a disappointment, it is sulking a bit.  The dianthus, however, is thriving.  I grew these from seed, resulting in 80 plants which I took the time to pinch out a couple of times when they were just pricked out. They are beginning to flower.  I almost dug up the rosemary, and I’m not totally happy with it there.  The mallow was an unexpected visitor, that’ll be gone by next year.  The potentilla, which was a little underwhelming at first, is proving to be a bit of a trooper, flowering like billio.

Border 1

Border 2. The long sunny border was 80% replanted earlier in the year.  I’m pretty happy with the way it has bulked out, but there is still a lot of fence showing.  I have some more climbing roses to plant out later in the year when I can get to the fence line, and I continue to look for good climbers to augment the clematis I planted this year.  This time next year I hope that fence is pretty much invisible.

Border 2
Border 2
Border 2

Border 3. I think this border is really only half done. I had a plan for it, but haven’t fully executed the plan. I think I’m going to take out the big shrubs – the buddleiea and the black elder, which between them hog the border.  There is also a group of three good broom plants which were small when I got them but are now forming a good thicket – I think I’ll thin that out and move it somewhere else.

Border 3

Border 4. I haven’t paid any design attention to this border this year, but I think it may be my favourite.  Just at the moment it has a lot going on foliage-wise which I like a lot.  I have planted several plants in here this year, amongst which were some aster, phlox, linaria and a hardy geranium.  Some self-seeded nasturtiums are making their presence felt.

Border 4

Border 5.  I was about to type that I haven’t done anything here this year, but that’s not really true.  I haven’t done much,  but I have planted some aster, hachonecloa, two hardy geraniums, some astilbe divisions and some digitalis parviflora.  And probably a few other things too!  The border is the mirror of Border 2 but is in shade most of the day, partial shade on the front edge.  There’s quite a lot going on.  The big shrubs need some work.  I’ve hard pruned the dogwood this year, but the pittosporum and the physocarpus are both getting a bit leggy.

Border 5
Border 5
Border 5
Border 5

Border 6.  This little border is a bit unloved. It’s not very long, nor very deep from front to back.  There’s some scrappy lavender, some lychnis, some volunteer solidago and some helenium, recently re-planted divisions. I don’t think I can make it any deeper as it’s a fairly heavy traffic area given the proximity of the side alley and the washing line.  I think there’s an opportunity to make more impressive use of the space, though.  The planter behind it on the patio is not really adding to the scene at the moment, it’s best days are in April/May, so that needs to be addressed somehow.  Perhaps I can squeeze some more helenium in here, or possibly some more recent bargain planty purchases.  Plans a-hatching, watch this space.

Border 6


Front garden

Border 7.  I widened this border and completely re-planted it just over a month back. It has bulked up a little, but is still on the low side.  It’s a vast improvement on what was there before.

Border 7

Border 8.  A brand new border this year, along with Border 9.  These were previously weeds and a rather unloved bit of lawn.  The planting, just 4 weeks old, is still quite sparse and low, but everything seems happy enough.  I sowed seeds of cosmos in here as a bit of a late punt, and while not a lot has come up, there are a couple of small seedlings there.

Border 8

Border 9.  Still very low and new.  Like Border 8, it needs a chance to fill out. I’ve also renovated what’s left of the lawn, aerating it and fertilising it.

Border 9

That’s my Border Patrol complete for July, I think I may turn this into a monthly spot, if for no other reason than it’ll force me to document the changes.

I’ll be back soon with more propagating malarchy.