I’ve taken a lot of cuttings over the last few weeks, mostly from plants I’ve recently acquired. I find I am now assessing potential plant purchases for cuttings material! My challenge now is this. How best to ensure my many softwood cuttings survive without my tender ministrations for a whole two weeks while I’m on hols? 

The biggest issue is moisture, or rather lack of it. I don’t have automatic watering or mist systems in the greenhouse (yet) so I can’t rely on that. Softwood cuttings are particularly vulnerable to drying out. In the end I decided to put each pot in its own sealable plastic bag. 

I watered each pot first then added some water to the bag, finally sealing the bag. They are under some shade cloth but still in the heated bench. I hope that there’ll be enough moisture in each little environment to tide them over. 

Fingers crossed!

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with an update on these cuttings and their certain(!) survival.