Time for another Six on Saturday.  Six things going on in the garden on a Saturday. Could be anything; a good flower, interesting foliage, a project, a long overdue job, anything at all.  Why not join in?

1 – lobelia ‘cascade’. I grew these from seed this year. They are a trailing variety and flowering away quite happily. I might be biased but I think these are much more vigorous than shop bought plugs. I have them planted in containers and pots on the patio.  Simple but effective, if I do say so myself.


2 – carex var unk. I bought this a couple of years back. I need to hack it back a bit. I don’t like it when it gets all wispy and sprawly. In fact, I’m not convinced I like it much at all. In the brutal Darwinist survival of the loveliest that is my border planning, it might have to go.


3 – cotinus ‘Grace’. I expect I’ll end up featuring this shrub again when the colour turns in the autumn. I grow this for the leaf colour rather than for the flowers which give it it’s common name of smoke bush. I’ve been trying hard to propagate this and am not really succeeding. I have one softwood cutting left that may or may not root.  I pruned this shrub back hard to the framework, it has responded well with several feet of new growth since the spring.


4 – euphorbia cornigera. I tried to grow these from seed earlier in the year, nothing doing. I was pleased to get hold of this plant at a plant fair for beans. It is still small but has put on a bit of growth this year. I’m not sure if the light lime colour at the ends of the stem is new foliage or euphorbian flowers. The latter I think, based mainly on the interest shown by the buzzy thing.


5 – nasturtium. This climbing variety has self seeded from plants that I grew from seed myself last year. The flowers last year were all red or yellow, their offspring are all shades of orange, some of them quite strikingly patterned. I have not trained these plants so they are sprawling through the other plants, an effect I think I prefer.


6 – geum ‘totally tangerine’. I’m quite taken with geums in general this year. I picked up this one in a sale at a posh garden centre – one of those that has more furniture and nik-naks than plants. I was impressed though with the quality of the plants which were all a decent size, but less impressed by the prices which felt very high although that may just have been because of the size of the plants. However, they had a good sale of perennials that might not have much left to do this year, fiver a plant. I got a lot, including this fella.  I haven’t yet found a good spot for it in the border so it is waiting patiently in the cold-frame along with it’s fellow bargain purchases.



That’s my Six for this week, what are yours?  If you decide to join in (please do!) just add a comment below with a link to your post, and maybe a link back to this blog in your post.

Don’t forget to check back in over the weekend to see if there are more links added.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I’ll be back with another Six next week.