I’m going to be tracking my seeds through from sowing to grown on.  I’ll make this a monthly thing I think, maybe more frequent during the crazy period February to April time. As usual I have far too many seeds, with more on the way.  Most will be sown next year but some are cooking already, sown a few weeks ago. Here is the state of play…

Not yet sown. 

A ridiculous and growing quantity, I won’t list them!  They won’t be coming out to play until the new year.


 Sown but not yet germinated

Aquilegia ‘nora barlow’. These were sown on the 10th of September.  If I squint I can see one germinated seed in the corner of the pot, and maybe the beginnings of some more poking through.  Not enough to call them germinated.

Nemophila macualata ‘five-spot’
– also sown on 10th September, nothing doing in here yet. It’s well over 30 days since sowing, the guidance is 21 days to germination, at 20°c, which is what they have in the heated bench. I shall just wait.

Germinated, not yet pricked out

Poppy ‘cherry swirl’. Sown on 7th October, these have germinated quickly and are getting tall, like wot poppies do. I’ll need to get them pricked out before I go on hols at the weekend.

Lobelia tupa.
Sown on 10th September, these have germinated but not in large numbers and still teeny, they can sit it out till I’m back from holiday. If I had more time I’d prick them out, they’re big enough. 

Aubretia ‘purple cascade’. Sown on 10th September, there’s a few poking their heads up.  I sowed plenty in here so I’ll leave them be for a while longer, see what comes up.

Pricked out

Hollyhocks ‘powder puff’ & ‘creme de cassis’ These were sown on 10th September and pricked out a couple of weeks ago. They seem to be happy enough.

Nigella – nice and straight, nothing too vigorous, full marks for these, looking good.

Calendula ‘snow princess’. These are looking a wee bit leggy, or at least some of them are. They are right by the window so they should be getting enough light. Maybe I do need to clean the glass

Nigella on the left, calendula on the right.

– As there were a lot of these, I pricked them out in small groups into a half seed-tray rather than individual pots. They seem fine.

Growing on

Sweet peas ‘Solway Velvet’, ‘Alan Titchmarch’ & ‘Geranium Pink’
I may do another batch at the end of the month. I’ve never been a great do-er of sweet peas, just never got around to it.  On the odd occasion I’ve tried, they didn’t do well for me, usually because I’ve planted them somewhere daft, or through neglect.  I’ve decided to grow this lot in the veg beds, effectively as a cut-flower crop for the house.  I’ve sown in autumn to get good bushy plants ready to rock and roll in the spring. They are still in the pots I sowed them in, 5 per. They’ll spend the winter in the cold-frame as they apparently prefer to be cool/cold. Per the advice, I’ve pinched them out once, to encourage branching and thus more stems, and more flowers. I think something has been nibbling at them. 

Well, that’s the story seed-wise. 

I’ll be back in a month with a seedy update.

NB the featured image is of the aubrieta, from the T&M website.