The saga continues. I am gamely attempting to propagate a large ceanothus in my garden. It is playing hard to get. My latest attempt incorporates several different methods – I was trying to cover the bases. All but one appear to be failing. You can read more about how I set them up here, and the most recent update here.

First up is the heated bench group. There are two pots of cuttings in this group, two different cuttings compost mixes. Each was enclosed in a plastic bag and lived in the heated bench. They looked ok a few weeks ago but now they’re goners, all rotted off. I conclude that enclosed and heated is not a combination that ceanothus enjoys. I have binned them.

The second group is set up the same as the first, except kept on an unheated bench in the greenhouse. They are less dead but let’s not confuse that with thriving. I’ve removed the worst looking of them. I do not hold out much hope.

Finally, I set out a large batch in a terracotta pot and left them to it in the cold frame, exposed to the elements. I have not done anything to them except remove fallen sycamore leaves. The cuttings look exactly the same as they did on the day I set them up, five weeks ago, no sign of rot, the leaves are all intact and the stems look good. I am taking this to be a good sign.

If they all take, I’ll have way more ceanothus plants than I need, but that will be a nice problem to have…

I’ll be back with another update in a few weeks.