It’s been a month or so since my last update. I persist in trying to propagate this shrub which has proved highly resistant to my advances in the past. The news is that there is no news. No news very much being good news with these particular cuttings.

The few straggly remainders of the greenhouse cuttings, originally four pots in two test groups, have not obviously deteriorated any further. I have left these untouched since last time, with no cover, on the unheated staging. They look pretty weedy.

The stars of the show, the tough-love cold-frame group, are still looking exceedingly perky. I did remove just one stem the other day, I thought it had the beginnings of some blackness on the top leaves. Just in case.

I still do not see any signs of rooting, nothing emerging from the bottom of the pot. Come to think of it, the stem I removed earlier in the week did not have any sign of roots. Rooting is clearly a long game with ceanothus, that’s probably why cool, non-humid conditions suit them better.

Still, they are still very much in the game, I’ll continue to take that for now.

I’ll be back in a few weeks with another update.