Back in September, I took some root cuttings of my lone sea holly plant They have been looking good for a couple of months now, with signs of roots coming through the bottom of the pot, and healthy-looking top growth too. I have been feeding them with a very weak tomato feed for the last few weeks.


I have long resisted the temptation to turf them out and pot on, but I took the plunge this last weekend. All in all, I am pretty pleased with this attempt. Of 11 pieces of root, 9 have rooted, some with quite an impressive foest of roots.


I have potted them all up into 7cm pots, using sieved multi-purpose compost with a little sand, vermiculite and general purpose fertiliser thrown in for good measure.

They are on unheated staging in the greenhouse for now, I shall move them into a cold-frame in a couple of weeks where they can grow on and toughen up a bit before I plant them out.


As an added bonus, the parent plant, which I thought might be a goner, has also perked up and will be planted out later in the spring.


I’m going to chalk this up as a resounding propagation win! Now all I have to do is avoid killing these little plants…

I’ll be back soon with more propagation rumination.