In my now annual seed influx from the Hardy Plant Society seed scheme, I signed up for a lucky dip packet which is made up from loose seeds. These are escapees from envelopes, spillage from the silver teaspoons used for scoops, that kind of thing. They are unidentified. As I mentioned last time, I don’t have the expertise to identify the varieties from the seeds, so each one will be a surprise.

I set two batches up. The first was sown willy-nilly in a single 7cm pot, then pricked out into a half seed tray a few weeks back. They looked like this at the weekend before I potted them on. They seem to be growing on nicely. I should be able to tell which are matching plants and group them accordingly.

The second batch I separated into groups of seeds based solely on appearance, and sowed those groups into modules. These have been on unheated staging and have only just begun to germinate (the first batch was in the heated bench and germinated very quickly).

But let’s get back to batch one. I have potted them on, numbering according to whether I think they are matching plants. The game from here on is to try to identify the plants as they develop. Can you spot any that look familiar? Care to guess? Such fun.

Mystery 1
Mystery 2
Mystery 3
Mystery 4
Mystery 5
Mystery 6
Mystery 7

Answers on a postcard, or below in the comments!

I’ll be back in a month or so for a mystery seed update.