Lots has happened since the last update back in March. At that time I was struggling with the unseasonably cold weather. Seedlings were getting frosted, some were not thriving, and generally growth was slow. I chose to re-sow and keep them inside to avoid too much temperature fluctuation. However, the early sowings were not a total loss. I have 6 plants of a decent size, they have been repotted twice, first to 1L pots then to 3L pots. I will pot them on again soon to their final homes, some bucket-size pots. This should serve two purposes, giving them some room to grow decent roots, but also to prevent drying out quickly, a particular problem with small pots especially in a greenhouse environment. I am unsure how to manage the watering of these plants. Last year I had a cunning plan involving capillary matting and reservoir tanks. This worked quite well, but I’ll have to adapt that to greenhouse dimensions. Or I could just water them as normal, taking the risk of that being subject to me remembering, and also to holiday cover. I think I’ll jerry-rig the reservoir system.

There are three sungolds, a cherry tomato.


The first batch plants are doing pretty well, with some flowers making an appearance, an encouraging sign. They need some more substantial support, they are flopping about on short canes at the moment. These were the earliest sowings of all, sown in the second week of January.


Then there are three others, a Moneymaker, a Shirley, and a Gardener’s Delight. These were sown towards the end of January.


The final indoor sowings have been potted on twice, from seed trays to 7cm pots and now to 1L pots. I’ll upgrade them to 3L pots soon. I just kept four plants, for space reasons – I gave a bunch more to friends. There are two Roma, two Gardener’s Delight.


I ended up with many less plants than I sowed seeds for, but I would have had to reduce numbers to a manageable quantity anyway – I only have so much room in the greenhouse. I don’t want to grow any tomatoes outside this year, I want to try to avoid the dreaded late blight which took down my entire crop last year.

Now that we are in mid-May, I can be reasonably confident that the unhelpfully cold weather is but a memory and conditions should now be good.

How are you getting on with your tomatoes this year?

I’ll be back in a month or so with an update, hopefully some fruit will have set by then.