In my now annual seed influx from the Hardy Plant Society seed scheme, I signed up for a lucky dip packet which is made up from loose seeds. These will have been escapees from envelopes, spillage from the silver teaspoons used for scoops, that kind of thing. They are unidentified, a mystery. I sowed them back in January and over the last few months they have been germinating and growing on.

A month has passed since the last update. Like plants do, there has been some growth, and after my embarrassing overfeeding a month or two back, I think I have avoided killing any more plants. I’ve sorted them into groups of similar looking plants.

Here they are in all their late-spring glory.

Mystery 1
Mystery 2
Mystery 3
Mystery 4
Mystery 5
Mystery 6 – polomonium maybe?
Mystery 7 – some kind of allium i reckon
Mystery 8
Mystery 9
Mystery 10

Finally, there’s this strapping fellow, who grew very fast. He has outgrown two homes, and now resides in a 3L pot.

Mystery 11

Did you spot any you know? Drop me a comment below with your ID!

I’ll be back in a month or so with an update.