My garden blogging has diminished to the point where I just about manage to hang on to the weekly ritual of Six on Saturday. This is not for want of trying. I have lots to say and share, but seem to have very little time so to do. Mulling this over, I have diagnosed that it has just fallen down the pecking order priority-wise.

With apologies to Maslow and his famous pyramid, here is my version.


Following Maslow’s convention, at the bottom of the pyramid are the basic needs for this gardener.  Before I can do any of the fancy stuff, plants must be sown and grown. Then they need planting out (in theory) and most importantly this summer, watering.  And that’s where it has mostly stopped for me this last few months. It has rained maybe three times since May. When I’m not at work or training, I’m watering!  That’s for those plants that survived the Growing and Planting needs, many did not. I am fortunate that the sunny, dry weather has also limited weed growth, otherwise I’d be buried in a forest of them by now, rarely having time for weeding.  So, that’s the truth of it. I haven’t often got as far as enjoying the garden this year, and have just not had the time to witter on about it here. Hopefully the imminent turn of the seasons will free up some more time for enjoying and who knows, sharing.

I’ll be back. At some point. Soonish.