I’ve had this unit running full time since I first unboxed it back in May.  I’ve had a few losses with some rotting off in the high temperatures earlier in the summer, but in general this gizmo is almost guaranteed to result in good rooted cuttings. Some of the challenge (ok, all of the challenge) is gone, but I can’t argue with the results.  This year I have potted up rooted cuttings into 9cm square pots in John Innes No 3. This has a good level of nutrients in it and the resulting little plants are generally looking pretty healthy.

Sadly, all of the dahlias cuttings are gone, munched by slugs while I was away on holiday.

Slug Town 6 – 0 Dahlias United

On an happier note, here are some of the surviving plants.

Dicentra spectabilis
Verbena bananarama
Salvia ‘amistad’. From a bit of stem liberated from a plant in a garden centre. Naughty.
Border phlox – white flowers
Clematis montana

I’ve recently taken some more cuttings of salvia ‘hot lips’, gaura, penstemon and verbena bonariensis. Hopefully they will root nicely so I can pot them up before it gets too cold. I also plan to try this machine for hardwood cuttings in a couple of months.

I confess I slightly miss the strong sense of triumph associated with a cutting taking root in old-skool cuttings compost.  I’m not sure I miss it enough to go back entirely to doing it “properly”, but maybe I’ll set some up like that next year, for old time’s sake. Probably most of them will fail like normal and that will be enough to remind me why this thing is so COOL!

I’ll be back soon with more cuttings news.