During this year I have been sporadically busy with some changes to the layout of my suburban plot, my initial musings are detailed here.  At the start of the year the garden looked like this:


Since then I have changed the line of the path, built the seating area and planted up the new borders surrounding it.

From above the garden now looks like this.


The next job has been to extend a couple of borders near the patio. Some of this is in line with my quick back of an envelope design, and some is a little different. I decided not to dig up the whole of the lawn on the left side of the path. I think that is a little extreme at this point, and I worry it will make the garden lop-sided. I wouldn’t rule it out in the future, no doubt I’ll be looking for more planting space next year!

I used the garden hose to get the line of the new border and then set to with the edging knife.  I dug the line first, using the flat blade of a mattock. You can see that part in the bottom right corner of the above photo.  The rest of the turf next, again using the mattock to hack it away from the soil. This particular area is quite compacted and has a bit of building debris. I’ve loosened the soil with a pickaxe and removed the more obvious lumps of brick.  Two barrows of home made compost have gone in, given a light forking in.  That’s one side done.


The same needs doing on other side. I just have to decide how much of the lawn to take. My thought is to extend the patio border a little so that it follow the inside of the path for a couple of metres. This would make a sort of U-shape, or a backwards J perhaps. The long side is the sunny border on the left, the base is the border on the bottom left of the picture. The new part would then be the short side of the J, extending the border into towards the path. The yellow line in the photo below is something like what I’m after.


I followed the same procedure on this side, removing the turf, giving it a seeing to with the pick axe, then forking in a load of compost. I’m not ready to plant up yet, so I’ve covered with some weed membrane to stop the cats using it as a lav.


I have a couple of minor modifications that I might still do this year. The line of the border on the left of the garden (looking down from above) is a little straight, a little inorganic.  I might make the line of the edge a more graceful curve through the corner, so it is a little less right-angled, same deal at the end nearest the patio. Aside from that, I think that is the end of this year’s tinkering with the garden layout. Next year, I still have half a mind still to add a rose arch along the path, and possibly another border on the right side of the path where it curves towards the slide. I also think I could carve out a bit more planting space on the right of the path as it disappears off down the side of the house. And don’t get me started with what I might do when the climbing frame finally goes…

I’ll be back at some point with an update on the planting for the extended borders.