On the basis that one plant is a joy, then several must be properly joyful. Right? Am I right?  Yes, thought so.  I have just the one sedum of this variety.  I like the way the new growth looks when it peeks through about now, the flowers are popular with the buzzy types, and even better it’s easy to propagate. Allegedly, anyway. I haven’t tried this until now.


I saw on twitter that it is possible to easily grow new plants. At around this time of year the fading stems may produce little plantlets. As the stems flop over, some of these mini plants would root on contact with the soil, an effort-free way for the plant to spread.


The larger group at the bottom of this stem even has roots already. I’ve cut that one off in its entirety and plonked it in some compost.


The rest of the stem I have buried in a shallow grave in the same tray.


Hopefully some of the smaller plantlets will root away, giving me more plants.


Simple enough!  I’ve watered it and stashed the tray in the heated bench for now.

I’ll be back in a while with an update, hopefully involving roots.