I was pottering about in the garden on Saturday, looking for excuses to use my new secateurs. I spied the ropy looking heuchera and thought I’d tidy them up. They had other ideas, however, when I grabbed hold to make cutting back easier, the whole thing came away in my hand.  I’m not totally sure what did for them, but vine weevils are partial to a heuchera root, so they are my leading suspects. Outrageous!


When I finished indignantly cursing them I noticed that some of the stem portions had developed teeny roots.  The plant’s last gasp attempt to cling on to this mortal coil.  Oi oi, said I, an opportunity for more plants, not to be passed up lightly.


Off I went to the potting bench.  I put each rooted stem in a 7cm pot, John Innes No 3, second hand from the recently departed chillies. I should probably have used fresh compost, but I confess I was lazy.  Each was suspended with one hand above the pot while the other hand lightly filled the pot with JI3. A sharp tap on the bench and a gentle firm down is enough, no need to jam the compost in.


After a good watering in, these nine little potential plants went off to the greenhouse and settled in for a couple of months of R&R.

I’ll be back soon with more propagation piffle.