During some weekend pottering, I was staring at the emerging shoots of lobelia tupa and wondered if basal cuttings would be a suitable method of propagation for this architectural plant. This is what the RHS has to say on the topic:

“Basal cuttings may be possible, but few are produced”

One way to find out, give it a go!


There aren’t many stems, but I think I can spare a couple. I cleared away the soil from around two stems then dived in with my penknife, cutting away the stem, trying to remove a piece of rhizome with it.



I gave the two stems a bit of a clean up, then trimmed off some of the excess material that might rot during the wait for rooting.


I am hoping that roots will emerge from the base. As this is the part of the plant that normally produces roots, it should be pre-disposed.


I decided that I would put one in the hydropod and one in good old fashioned gritty cuttings compost. I’m using a 7cm pot and have popped it into a sealed Ziploc bag to keep it nice and humid. The bag is now in the heated bench.


I’ll be back in a while with an update on rooting.

Update 16th March. Both these cuttings rotted off within a few weeks. Too humid maybe?